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Recruiting Library


Recruiting Calendar

The Recruiting Calendar promote the well-being of prospective student-athletes and coaches and ensure competitive equity by defining certain time periods in which recruiting may or may not occur in a particular sport.

Recruiting Terminology

Here is a comprehensive list of recruiting terminology to help you get familiarized with the recruiting process.

Social Media 101

The following are tips and guidelines to help you with your social media profiles during the recruiting process.

Creating a List of Schools

There are thousands of schools out there offering opportunities for high school players to play college football. The amount of options can be overwhelming. Follow these guidelines to help you create a list of schools.

Communicating with College Coaches

The important part of this is being proactive. Communication with college coaches entails generating personalized messages, expressing interest, and using the most effective channels of communication.

Highlight Film School

Highlight films play a crucial role in any student athlete wanting to get recognized. College coaches are looking for a very specific skill set when they recruit players. They inspect every detail when evaluating your highlight tape!

NCAA Academic Guidelines

Division 1 & Division 2 Athletes who want to compete, receive scholarships or financial aid will need to take the following steps and meet the criteria set out by the NCAA Academic Guidelines.

Becoming a Walk-On

There are different ways to make a college football team that don’t involve receiving a scholarship or any financial aid.

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