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Start Getting Recruited!

Do you want to play in college?

Create your FREE player card. 

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Sports Offered: Football, Men's Basketball, Baseball, Field Hockey

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NEW: Now offering Men's Basketball and Baseball!

The #1 Tool for College Recruiting.

The College Search Tool

Start gaining direct access to contact information for every college in the nation.

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We make it easier for you to navigate the recruiting process!

We provide the right education, tools, and guidance to help jumpstart your recruiting plan and start connecting with college coaches.

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Your very own recruiting website for your school or organization!

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the athletic academy

Start learning for free!

The Athletic Academy serves as a one stop shop. Our goal is to provide a resource full of educational content and information from a variety of excellent sources.

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FREE Consultation

** This can be a lot of information to soak in! That’s why here, at The Athletic Academy, we provide services in making a custom plan for you. Schedule a FREE call with one of our coaches. **