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The Athletic Academy provides high school athletes, coaches, and club sports leaders with the technology, service, and community they need to manage and promote their recruiting efforts online. Our simple, yet effective products are positioned in a digitally accessible and affordable way that leads to equal opportunity for all consumers.

Our staple product, The College Search Tool, has proved to be the leading force in establishing our true mission: to provide the most innovative and digitally effective recruiting solutions to prospective student-athletes, coaches, and parents. As our social media growth has surged past 100K on Twitter, our goal is to help our customers find opportunities on digital platforms to build their brand, increase visibility, and market themselves towards college coaches.


In March of 2021, The Athletic Academy launched the team Recruiting Platform. These custom designed websites provide high school teams and club sports leaders the ability to store all of their prospect information and recruiting tools under one roof. Popular for its simplicity and efficiency, this product leads to an improved online presence and proves to be a major competitive advantage for these teams as the sports recruiting world shifts rapidly to a digital marketplace.

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Creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to the message we speak and the relationships we build. When we all work together, we can create something greater. 

Commitment | Teamwork | Quality | Accountability | Innovation | Learning | Passion

Corey Shandrick owner of The Athletic Academy

Corey Shandrick

CEO and Director of Marketing


Corey's background includes coaching football at the D1 level, a Master's degree in Sports Management, and an MBA with a focus in Business Analytics. His technical mindset and vision for continuous innovation has contributed heavily to the growth of The Athletic Academy's products and services.

Blaine John Bennett owner of The Athletic Academy

Blaine John Bennett

Director of Client Services


Growing up in a family of generational coaching experience, BJ is instilled with a strong passion for helping athletes achieve their dreams. Paired with an advanced degree in Athletic Administration, BJ is credited with establishing the foundation for our Client Services department and has become the face of our customer support model.

Levi Armstrong owner of The Athletic Academy

Levi Armstrong

With a competitive mindset and natural leadership ability, Levi experienced much success on the field and court as a young athlete. As Director of Sales, Levi has constructed a committed team that continues to build and maintain relationships with customers across the nation.

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The people running The Athletic Academy were kind, prompt, and honest . They offer a great product at a great value. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a part of their own recruitment process.

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They are an amazing organization, they will walk you through step by step on everything, they are so nice, and all my experiences have been 100% amazing!

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High School coaches, if you are looking for a high-quality recruiting site to promote your athletes, these guys are #1!! The features they have are unrivaled by other recruiting platforms.

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