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Attention is the New Currency

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Turn on any sports channel and there will be players being criticized on their performance. Yes, modern athletes are more scrutinized than ever before. Yes, standards are high, but athletes today must rise to the occasion. By now, social media has likely invaded your social circles. Your school’s typical “code of conduct” has probably become a 365-day commitment. With that said, make no mistake on the benefits a 365 day-a-year, 4+ year commitment can provide. Achieving what you want in athletics today relies increasingly on attention and performance.

How modern athletes gain attention and what they use it for can directly relate to how far their athletic careers will go. “Attention is the new currency,” says entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Attention can be of great benefit or harm to athletes. This attention comes at a premium from coaches, teachers, and recruiters. In order to move up the depth chart, classroom, or recruiting boards, athletes need to acquire and succeed under this new currency of attention.

You may be asking yourself, how do I get attention? As a former athlete, coach, and educator myself, I’ll tell you it’s simple really. You get positive attention from coaches by showing up first and outworking your peers at summer workouts. In the classroom you can sit up front, raise your hand, and give your best effort on assignments. For recruiters’ attention, you can succeed on your team’s biggest stage, perform well at camps, and communicate effectively both in person and on social media platforms.

On the flip side, you can get negative attention by skipping workouts, flunking tests, and playing below your skill level. You can also get negative attention by misbehaving on social media or not even using social media at all. Coaches, teachers, and recruiters are always watching and it’s their job to assess, evaluate, and make decisions accordingly. Athletes are under a constant microscope whether you know it or not.

Once you have attention, it’s time to perform consistently! If an athlete only played one sport then took the remaining 9 months off, they wouldn’t be in a position to gain attention 365 days of the year. Take your career seriously because it is yours and yours alone. No one person is going to drag you to greatness! Greatness is a path you will walk yourself with help along the way. Eat well, study hard, and capitalize on the attention! The tools, coaching, and exposure from The Athletic Academy are the best on the market. Let us help you gain the attention you need and gain the success you desire.

About the Author

Matthew is a former multi-sport athlete from Ellensburg, WA where he was a Varsity Letter Winner in Football, Basketball, and Track. Graduating from Ellensburg H.S. in 2013, he attended Central Washington University and recently completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Matthew is currently enrolled in a Master’s program with a focus in Athletic Administration, as well as working as a graduate assistant in the P.E. and School Health department at CWU. Matthew brings coaching experience to the Athletic Academy staff as well, as he has been as assistant coach on the All Northwest Passing Academy Staff for 4 years, as well as an assistant coach for Post Falls High School (ID) for the previous 2 years.

Vaynerchuk, G. [GaryVee]. (2018, April 19). The Attention Is Worth More Than The Money. [Video]. YouTube.

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