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How to Connect with College Coaches on Twitter

As the fall athletic season is winding down, we are about to enter a very important period of time in the college recruitment process. Especially for the class of 2023 athletes, this may be the last opportunity to speak to college coaches and finalize a collegiate home as you wrap up your high school career.

  • November 27 - December 19, 2022 is a Contact Period. This means college coaches are allowed make in-person recruiting visits at the prospect's high schools (These dates my vary a little depending on the division)

  • Most colleges use this time to finalize and wrap up their recruiting class for the upcoming year

  • Gain access to the NCAA Recruiting Calendars here

  • Early signing day is December 21, 2022. This is where prospects can officially sign their National Letter of Intent and commit themselves to a four-year university

How to prepare?

November 27th is about a month away, meaning you have a good amount of time to prepare for this crucial recruiting time. It is not advised to sit around and wait for college coaches to contact you.

  • Make a list of realistic target schools. For the class of 2023, it's important to have variety in your list. It's ok to have your dream schools on the list, but make sure to also include back up plans and different options in case your top choices don't work out

  • Compile full season highlights in a short and concise HUDL tape

  • Start locating the college coaches that are at the schools on your target list, and follow them on Twitter. Luckily, we've provided you with a FREE download of the football and recruiting coordinator Twitter accounts for every single college football program in the country (at all levels)

  • Once you've downloaded the list, continue to read to learn how to best use this to your advantage

2022 CFB Twitters
Download PDF • 320KB

How to use the Twitter list

There are over 800 schools on this list and over 2 thousand Twitter accounts. Obviously, this is way too much to go and follow every single account and attempt to DM every coach on here.

  • Create your target school list and find these schools on the document you've downloaded above. It's advised that your list should be anywhere from 10-25 schools and they should be programs that you truly feel you can compete at. Also, targeting schools that are located in your state or in nearby states is a good idea

  • Save the Twitter accounts for these schools on a separate sheet of paper or file, and then search for these accounts on Twitter, and give them a follow

  • Start compiling tweets that are directed at these Twitter accounts for these schools. Include your class, name, and position in the tweet, along with a link to your Player Card or HUDL link. Don't forget to tag the coaches in the tweet. By doing this, you are directing your information directly at these college coaches and they are receiving notifications that you are tagging them in a tweet

  • Here is an example tweet: Hey coach! Check out my film. I'm a 2023 LB/DE out of Huntersville, NC. 2x First Team All Conference and 3x Captain. @gvsufootball @coachmitchgvsu @coachpostmagv @coachwooster

  • Schedule out all of your tweets in advance so you don't forget. Use Tweet Deck to mass schedule out tweets daily to increase efficiency and exposure in the process

How can we help?

The Athletic Academy provides tons of tools and resources to help prospects build more exposure and gain a competitive advantage in the recruiting process. From our most popular service, The College Search Tool, to our custom designed social media graphics, I'm sure we have something that will benefit you. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you through this time.

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