The College Athlete Checklist

The All Northwest Passing Academy, led by Coach Blaine Bennett’s 30+ years of experience, does a great job mixing football education, schematic concepts, film breakdown, and individual skill work. Over the history of the ANW Passing Academy and Football Camp, they have taken pride in bringing a college and pro coaching approach along with real college and pro experience. Here are some key components for young athletes to focus on and build to become an all around student athlete at the next level. If you see yourself as a next level athlete, ask yourself….

Do you have a well rounded resume?

  • Grades, grades, grades. Are you taking the right steps to have the GPA to get into school?

  • Are you taking the SAT/ACT? are you preparing for them in some way? Test taking and studying are important on and off the field.

  • College coaches love multi-sport athletes! Multi-Sport Athletes tend to be more coachable and you are competing often!

  • Develop skills , strength , and speed that correlate football from other sports

How do you carry yourself in public?

  • What is the community perception of you? This could be your role in your school, or what your relationship with your classmates and teachers is like?

  • Social media, are you active on it and are you appropriate? Social media is totally OK! But it must be used appropriately, and it is important for youth athletes to understand the power of your voice and the magnitude of that power.

How do you practice?

  • Game Film is great, what is your daily work ethic like?

  • How would your coaches and teammates describe your demeanor and effort at practice?

  • Are you someone who watches film, and if not, are you asking coaches or teammates questions to learn? Practice is just like class!

How do you handle time management and responsibilities?

  • Are you on time, and prepared for your classes, practice, other athletic events? Time management is the key to success and a major contributor to your success or failure as a student athlete, especially as a Freshman.

  • Do you take on responsibilities willingly, and carry them out correctly? College Football, and college in general, will require you to take on new demands and new responsibilities, are you organized enough and confident enough to carry things out correctly on a regular basis?

About the Author

The All Northwest Passing Academy brings 40+ years of skill development, football education, and shares the success and passion for the game of football with many other great High School, College, and Professional Football Players and Coaches in the Northwest over the years.

The Athletic Academy is committed to sharing our stories and tips for tackling your goals. Our main goal is to provide content, so athletes of today can have proper knowledge, guidance, and can avoid making similar mistakes that keep them from reaching their full potential. We are so excited to be a part of this growth and we look forward to being your biggest fans!”

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