The Importance of Recruiting Questionnaires

Updated: Mar 2

Do college coaches really look at recruiting questionnaires? The answer, is "YES!" "Recruiting questionnaires allow coaches to sift through a large pool of recruits by analyzing the answers on the questionnaire. It’s often one of the very first steps in generating a college’s list of potential recruits. Coaches look at recruiting questionnaires to gauge interest in their program and help them build a database of student-athletes to refer back to. " (RecruitRef)

The College Search Tool is a single platform that gives you access to every college's recruiting questionnaire in the nation.

What is a recruiting questionnaire?

Back in the day, recruiting questionnaires used to be sent through the mail to hundreds or thousands of potential student athlete recruits. Nowadays, these are all available online and open to the entire public. The goal is for schools to see which high school players are interested in their program! "Filling out a recruiting questionnaire is an excellent start to the recruiting process, as it provides your athletic and academic data to coaches in the format they prefer." (RecruitRef)

Why should I fill out recruiting questionnaires? (RecruitRef)

  • Recruiting questionnaires are a way for you to introduce yourself to the college program.

  • You will also be able to link to an online profile or your highlight video.

  • Coaches look at recruiting questionnaires to assess how well you might fit at the school based on a set of filters.

  • Sharing your athletic accomplishments is also essential, and can even change the coach’s opinion of you for the better.

  • It can also provide a natural conversation starter when emailing a coach or meeting them in person.

  • The college has all your information in one place!

  • Filling out a recruiting questionnaire for multiple schools keeps your options open and encourages coaches to continue recruiting you.

You can save hours of time by using The College Search Tool to fill out multiple questionnaires.

How do I fill start filling out recruiting questionnaires?

Filling out a questionnaire online can save you a lot of time. Most schools have their questionnaires on their website. Each questionnaire takes roughly 15 minutes to complete if done right. You may be asking yourself what do I do next?

  • Build Your List Of Schools: One of the first steps in the recruiting process is thinking about which schools to target. You can use The College Search Tool to help you build this list, but you should also think about what qualities are important to you when attending college.

  • Contact Coaches: "One of the best ways to get a coach’s attention is to reach out and email them. After filling out a recruiting questionnaire, you have the perfect excuse to email a coach and introduce yourself." (RecruitRef)

The College Search Tool provides you access to Building a List of Schools, contacting coaches, and filling out recruiting questionnaires all in one spot!


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